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Image Capture

GMS is not a camera shop but specializes in image capture equipment that is needed to sustain the fine art printing industry.

GMS imports the Pentacon Scan camera range from Germany equipped with either Schneider or Zeiss lenses that are specially hand picked for this difficult task. We also import lighting and colour calibration equipment for high quality fine art reproduction.

For those customers unable to afford this equipment or in need of more general use equipment GMS resells a selected range of table top scanners , Digital SLR's and high quality point and shoot cameras that are known to use usable for art reproduction purposes. These are sourced from Epson and Canon Australia. GMS does not reseller parallel imported camera bodies or lenses.

Sample works from the Pentacon system can be seen at the GMS premises in Melbourne during business hours. The camera is capable of same size reproduction of canvas artwork in excess of 60 inches that have perfect sharpness.