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Recommended Media – The Best of Breed.

GMS imports Australia’s largest range of fine art and canvas media. We travel the world and directly import to offer the Australian printing professional the best value for money and quality in every segment of the market.

GMS makes the following recommendations after printing samples of many media types on our in-house Canon and Epson wide format printers. This overview is designed to summarise our best of breed products, assisting customers in saving time.

Moab Lasal Exhibition Luster 300 - Resin Coated Paper

Reason: Heavier and whiter than Ilford Smooth Pearl and with an archival acid free base.

[Exhibition Luster Details]
InkjetPro Professional Photo Barite

Reason: There are at least 20 brands of Sodium Baryte papers on the market, many of them from the same manufacturer. The InkjetPro offering is equal to or better than the best available, having a higher white point and pleasant smooth surface. The paper smells like the old fibre based dark room papers and is a hefty 325gsm, in full 15 meter rolls. Head to head with anything else of its type, it simply wins on quality and cost. [Photo Barite Details]
Super Glossy Film - InkjetPro Glossy Film 225
LHS InkjetPro Glossy Film - RHS Moab Slickrock Metallic

Reason: Landscape photographers rejoice - The Cibachrome look has come to inkjet! Far better white-point than Metallic with a true 100% smooth polyester base that's just at home in a gallery or as eye popping signage. Slightly pearl with zero OBA's yet about 20% brighter than Metallic papers. Looks like its covered with water when printed on the Canon iPF8300 - The ONLY Glossy paper than you will ever need.
[Glossy Film Details]
Metallic Resin Coated - Moab Slickrock 260 or Sihl Masterclass Metallic Pearl 290

Reason: Image has lifelike, almost 3D quality. Sihl Masterclass Metallic Pearl High Gloss 290 has a thicker base and a more subtle use of the metallic reflective coating whereas Moab’s Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260 is strongly reflective. This difference in reflectivity is by design. The Sihl Masterclass product has a cleaner whitepoint and is more suitable as a color portrait or wedding paper. It should also be considered for landscape usage where the subject features a clean white such as a snow-capped mountain. Moab’s Slickrock works best in Black and White or color where there is a strong tone such as that reflected from metallic objects like musical instruments or motor vehicles.
[Moab Slickrock Metallic Pearl Details]
[Sihl Masterclass Metallic Pearl High Gloss Details]

Photo Canvas – InkjetPro Premium Edition 400

Reason: Probably the largest selling inkjet canvas in Australia, it represents the industry accepted ideal combination of colour gamut, weight, flexibility and texture. Faster drying than Canson’s swellable and better value than almost all other US made canvas bases. The greater than 100 year longevity and high but neutral whitepoint makes it the pick of a very large bunch from GMS.

[Premium Edition Details]
Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper – Museo Portfolio Rag 300

Reason: Medium High White and an ultrasmooth surface without OBA’s. A nice weight without being excessive and makes a lovely flat sheet without edge curl. Unmatched DMAX in the class and a quality not able to be mimicked by any German makers.

[Portfolio Rag Details]
Lightly Textured Fine Art – Somerset Velvet (Enhanced) 255

Reason: The paper that started the inkjet revolution is still unchallenged for look and feel in this range. Made of real 100% rag, it cuts much better than German etching papers that are only 50% paper pulp. Unfortunately it has a high price per metre but the English Bockingford papers have a religious following.

[Enhanced Velvet Details]
Medium Textured Fine Art – Museo Max 250

Reason: Another win for Museo and this time it’s a knockout. Clearly a more engaging texture than anything else in the range and easier on the eye than Somerset’s textured rag.

[Museo Max Details]
Highly Textured Fine Art Rag – InkjetPro Elite High Texture 320

Reason: Unbeatable value in 15 metre rolls with an unmistakeable base tone and texture that screams - “I am European”.

[Elite Highly Details]
[Elite Lightly Details]
Photo Rags – Moab by Legion Entrada Natural 290

Reason: Doesn’t give anything to German makers and comes in both a bright natural and an even brighter version with OBA’s. The natural version with the slight texture is the pick of the bunch making portraits and art reproductions that are second to none.
[Entrada Natural 290/300 Details]
[Entrada Bright 290/300 Details]
[Entrada Natural 190 Details]
[Entrada Bright 190 Details]
Mount Board – Rising Museum 100% Cotton - 8 ply White

Reason: Why do photographers insist on the best rag paper and then happily entrust the mounting to inferior paper based matt boards? Rising Museum Matts are 100% cotton Rag and all made to Library of congress standards. They are all ph buffered to resist the longer term effects of pollution. Available in subtle tones that meet the longevity standards, without making the mount the feature of your work. At GMS we believe the deep 8 ply Snow White, White and Warm White types are the most pleasing to the eye. [Rising Matt Board Details]