Fine Art Paper

Textured Fine Art Papers: 100% cotton rag papers coated with a natural white layer for the reproduction of fine art. The surface colour and texture is consistant with that of the original artist materials. GMS distributes a range of textures from the more subtle types to the highly textured cold pressed varieties.These 100% cotton rag papers are all acid free and archival, some are pH buffered for additional protection against attack from acidic air pollutants.
Smooth Fine Art Papers: 100% cotton rag papers with either a bright white coating or a natural white zero optical brightener coating. These papers have either very subtle texture or an ultrasmooth hot press surface. They are usually the choice for photographers or botanical artists. The smooth fine art papers occur in both lightweight 190-250gsm or heavyweight 290-500gsm. Many of these papers are double sided for usage in books.
Glossy Fine Art Papers: 100% cotton rag or acid free alpha cellulose art papers with acid free glossy coatings for the printing of photographs with greater DMAX (black) using photo black pigment inks.