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Inkjet Media

GMS is the most comprehensive wholesale supplier of Aqueous inkjet paper and media in Australia.

For customers this translates into the twin benefits of high stock and multi brand ability combined with sustained lower pricing that only a direct wholesale importer brings.

The media pages of this web store are significantly different to others in Australia, representing inkjet paper and media lines that are actually imported and tested by ourselves and largely available off the shelf.

GMS travels the world directly negotiating supply contracts with the actual makers that sit behind the trade names in order to bring Australian professional print makers better value for money and access to new technology not offered by small single brand importers or resellers.

The media section is divided into canvas, fine art paper, photographic, fabric, specialty and signage types. We cater for a diverse range that includes inkjet printable silk to unique metallic pearl finished gloss.

Of particular interest is our graveyard section that contains unused product that has been superseded by the original maker. It is often made available at cost or below.