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This year our unique Canvas Printing for Profit Course has been upgraded to support the Windows 7 and Snow Leopard along with the traditional Windows XP. Students can also use our new custom built framing facilities..

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Ink Density Charts - Determining Optimal Ink Loading

Ink Density Chart for Epson - Click to download

The ink density chart can be used to determine when ink loading is optimal using the chosen media setting and ink density.

Printing the "ink density chart" for your printer Manufacturing (e.g. Epson Ink Density Chart) on the your media will help determine the optimal ink loading. Too much ink loading can cause problems with ink running (obviously too much ink), the colours blocking up in the image, or making the surface of print more fragile and prone to smudging/ink rubbing off.

The media setting in the printer driver dictates how much ink is loaded onto the print - not necessarily what "type" of media you are using. Therefore, changing the media setting changes the ink load. Also adjusting the "color density" setting in the printer driver software (Advanced --> Paper Config buttons) can be used to increase/decrease the ink loading.


Print on media with chosen media setting and/or color density setting. Also, refer to further instructions on the ink density chart itself.

Reduce ink density/change media type until the ink stops running and all colour strips are visible and distinguishable from each other.

REVIVA - The Wallpaper Revolution!

Now print wallpaper, cutout figures, backlits and trade show signage with a normal wide format printer.

New Revivawall is a permanent yet removeable self-adhesive woven fabric, prints with bright colors and is water-resistant, opens up new business opportunities for wide format owners.

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Now the darkroom is really dead.

Announcing Moab's Fabulous Colorado Fibre Gloss

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