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This year our unique Canvas Printing for Profit Course has been upgraded to support the Windows 7 and Snow Leopard along with the traditional Windows XP. Students can also use our new custom built framing facilities..

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Moab's Fabulous Colorado Fibre Gloss & Satine

The first fibre gloss papers appeared in early 2006 with the promise of exact emulation of the now distant darkroom era. This first generation of papers only partially delivered on that promise having overly glossy surfaces and textures that did not resemble tradition air-dried silver gelatine prints.

Enter Legion papers Colorado, the first of a new range of digital products created by the acquisition of Moab by Legion Paper.

Colorado Fibre is named after that famous river and this modern interpretation of traditional silver halide photographic paper is instant "love at first sight" for anybody old enough to remember getting their fingers wet developing Ilford's original fibre based papers.

Colorado is "THE" paper for inkjet B& W photography, its ink loading makes for deep blacks but unlike the glossy rags it has a bright white point and reliable error free surface. The surface is extremely strong compared to traditional resin coated lustres and must be considered an alternative for wedding albums that require durability and an archival base. Unlike the early glossy rags this paper has superb visual snap and is eminently suitable for wide gamut colour reproduction. It can be coated with Moab Desert Spray for additional protection.

Colorado comes in 245gsm sheets and rolls and doesn't cause the head strike that the overly thick 300gsm fibre papers suffer from. It feeds perfectly on desktops like the Epson R2400 and responds with complete neutrality to the blacks in the K3 inkset. The product is compatible with both dye and pigment inks.

Please contact GMS's Melbourne Head Office for delivery details. First shipments are expected in June, confirmed forward orders are essential.   

If you just want one inkjet paper for archival photography and that all important contest winner – this is it.


Surface – Gloss and Satine (Semi Gloss)
Coating: Tri-coating maximum gamut
Structure: neutral pH Alpha Cellulose
Weights: 245 GSM
Sizes: A4, A3+, 17, 24 inch roll.
DMAX: Measured 2.3 (Epson K3)

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Do It Yourself Photo & Canvas Mounting

InkjetPRO iBlock is an image mounting system for canvas or photo paper that does not require stretching or traditional framing. Photographers, labs and framers can mount their own images in minutes. 

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Now you can mount your images in modern acrylic frames in minutes.

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