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This year our unique Canvas Printing for Profit Course has been upgraded to support the Windows 7 and Snow Leopard along with the traditional Windows XP. Students can also use our new custom built framing facilities..

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The test results are in:
Aquathane-UV exceeds 102 Years!

Tests are conducted by the Image Permanence Institute (IPI) at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the USA.


Aquathane-UV in combination with InkjetPro Premium Edition and Epson 9800 Matt Ultrachrome Ink exceeds 102 years!

GMS has completed testing Aquathane-UV in combination with InkjetPro Premium Edition and Epson 9800 Matt Ultrachrome Ink. The tests were completed without the usual protective glass layer as canvas is displayed in the open.

Our tests are conducted independently by the Image Permanence Institute (IPI) in the USA. The combination of Aquathane-UV, Inkjet Pro Premium Edition Canvas and Epson Ultrachrome ink did not reach endpoint (failure) in all 81 colour patches tested, including unprinted canvas, in the equivalent of 102 years exposure.

Unlike many ink makers who simply release a number in years, GMS believes in full disclosure of the results where it is needed, such as with museum work. GMS will make available the full lab reports to those with a genuine need to know in December 2008.

All current GMS supplied canvas products, with the exception of the InkjetPro Commercial Edition which is currently being tested, have been subjected to accelerated light fade tests. For further information refer to How Fade Testing Works

You can use GMS supplied products with confidence if coated with Aquathane-UV and printed with pigment inks.

REVIVA - The Wallpaper Revolution!

Now print wallpaper, cutout figures, backlits and trade show signage with a normal wide format printer.

New Revivawall is a permanent yet removeable self-adhesive woven fabric, prints with bright colors and is water-resistant, opens up new business opportunities for wide format owners.

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Now the darkroom is really dead.

Announcing Moab's Fabulous Colorado Fibre Gloss

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